Equity markets expected to remain attractive

Multi-year return outlook continues to favour diversified equities—this sense is further accentuated when compared to low-yielding, high-quality bonds and liquidity.  Many investment managers anticipate that global equities will deliver 7%–8% growth annually over the next five years. Due to its favourable risk-return trade-off and its deleveraging lead, the US markets are expected to attract a […]

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Private Markets – A Complementary Strategy

What are private markets—they usually encompass a range of investment strategies including private equity, private debt, and real assets.  Those investors who are willing to commit their capital for longer durations (several years) can access opportunities in private markets that are typically unavailable in traditional asset classes. Private markets have generated attractive long-term returns.  Over […]

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Investments – remembering the basics

We all enjoy when our portfolio skyrockets in a relatively short timeframe; let’s say six months, a year, perhaps two.  Yet, it is important to remember that over the longer-term, the principal driver of your portfolio performance is determined by the allocation among different asset classes.  Although we know this yet we are often tempted […]

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The relevance of economics

Understanding how different regions and countries will evolve over the next five to seven years from both a growth and an inflation standpoint is crucial to determining one’s longer-term Strategic Asset Allocation.  This might be viewed as an exercise in futility considering the checkered track record of economic forecasts over the short-term (a year or […]

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Bank Building

Time to move on—The Fed trims its pace of asset purchases

It has been an unnecessarily distracting period as the markets have been labouring over an entirely anticipated decision by The Fed to take their foot off the quantitative easing accelerator.  Finally, on December 18, The Federal Reserve said it would reduce its bond-buying program to $75 billion per month starting in January 2014, taking a […]

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