Why Stem?

Seeing beyond the brief. This is our promise. We deliver Human Resources advisory and Management Consulting services with creativity, insight, domain expertise and exacting execution.

noun [c]
A central part of something from which other parts can develop or grow.

What you can expect from us

Independent Minds
We’re not interested in “the way things have always been done”. We go beyond to creatively design for sustainable business and team performance.
Exacting Execution
We are known for challenging assumptions, asking tough questions, and being exacting in our execution. We are ambitious for our clients’ success.
Sustainable Design
We use our deep and multi-disciplinary technical knowledge to move seamlessly from strategic concepts and analysis to nuanced details that can impact client success over time.
Creative Core
Creativity is our defining characteristic. It fuels our ability to not only deliver clients what they want, but what they need. We are focused on solving the hardest problems we can find.
Human Touch
We have close relationships with our clients. It is our commitment to maintaining a human touch that is key to our continued success.

Stem was an integral partner in helping us expand our thinking and push the boundaries of what we might have believed possible. They have helped us walk the line of keeping our core business innovative and strong while helping us consider and ultimately create new ones. Their grounded, pragmatic, yet highly creative approach to strategy is what was unique and differentiates them from other consulting firms in their space.”

– David Willows
Executive Vice President, Digital, Innovation and Brand Experience at Green Shield Canada”

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