Social Impact

We believe that real social change is achieved through partnerships between business, NGOs, governments, and individuals. Working together will give others the opportunity to live their greatest life imaginable.

Organizations we work with

Our goal is to help create an economy that works for more people. By investing in our clients, colleagues and communities, we can eliminate barriers to opportunity. We are focused on two integral and interdependent sectors of our economy to deliver impact: Health care and Education.
Health care and education are vital components for the success of our communities. Efforts in these areas deliver dividends far beyond any and all investments made, and are massive contributors to economic well being.
Our work is to invest in philanthropic capital, expand our non-profit partner base, and deliver skills and expertise to organizations that can influence change at a grassroots level.

Leap—Pecaut Centre for Social Impact

Do Good, Better.

Our collaboration with Leap is a central element of the impact that we are working to deliver every day.

Leap’s work has a multiplier impact, and its sector focus aligns exceptionally well with the priorities of Stem’s impact work. We are proud of our multidimensional affiliation with Leap and its sector partners. We select not-for-profits that have the potential of enormous measurable impact and help them scale.