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Our clients trust us to:

Ask the right questions
We are operating in times of unprecedented societal and economic change. Yet, organizations need to move forward despite the uncertainties of what comes next. De-risking the introduction of new strategies, technologies, processes, or organizational change starts with asking the right questions. We cannot depend on conventional routes in these unconventional times. The constructive path forward requires the ability to think originally and address market risk by focusing on getting the right answers to the right questions.
Bring domain expertise
Our domain expertise gives us the ability to engage in strategic and highly-consequential collaborations with our clients. We bring technical, leadership, and implementation capacity to client engagements on day one. Our expertise in the fields of financial services, health care, retail, technology, and government service allows us to move quickly with confidence.
Design sustainable solutions
Next-level performance only comes with solutions that are trusted and sustainable. This requires not only the right strategy, but exacting execution. Our clients count on the fact that we have been here before and have the callouses to prove it. Our hard-earned insights and expertise transform what could be a traditional consulting assignment into a meaningful exchange that delivers positive change.
Deliver more
We maintain client relationships over decades. In large, this is due to our commitment to doing what it takes to succeed, consistently. We work as trusted members of our client’s teams, standing together, whether delivering quick wins, managing a pilot, designing a new venture, implementing new technology, or targeting improved performance.

Our Approach

Achieving the full potential that comes with positive change demands original thinking backed by great execution. Whether designing an entirely new strategic course, or addressing a specific opportunity or challenge, we ensure that sustainable performance is at the core.

Applied Strategy
The right questions using domain expertise
Sustainable performance
Implemented Consulting
Trusted solutions through committed teams

Clients also use Stem when they’ve developed a strategy that requires further precision and adaption to their reality—in essence, when they need a true partner in implementation.

Working Together

Measuring execution readiness
We help organizations assess their readiness to drive systematic execution and change in transformations using our proprietary benchmarking tool. Our assessment covers a designated set of elements which we have found to be essential in sustaining impact in transformation work. We have identified these elements as Results Essentials. Our process helps identify gaps in execution capabilities, allowing us to work alongside organizations to define a tailored roadmap for managing change and sustaining impact.
Upskill execution capabilities
Our implementation experts bring deep industry experience and a track record of driving change in complex settings. They are supported with a proven implementation toolkit, leveraging the most relevant set of Stem tools and assets for implementation. Our exceptional change leaders coach clients, conduct virtual and on-site observations, rollout performance management tools, and build capabilities that enable a step change in performance.
Design with bottom-up planning
Our experts collaborate to design a transformation or initiative portfolio and an implementation plan that is built with client-specific execution in mind. This includes working with capability building experts to design essential learning journeys and introduce leadership facilitators to help align executive teams on organizational goals.
Lasting results
Our implementation experts partner with clients to drive and sustain execution, ensuring change lasts long after we're gone. Our capability building experts and leadership facilitators deliver blended learning journeys to build the skills required to sustain the change, working shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients.

Case Study: Digital Transformation for CMHC

“Ashim and his team always ask the right questions and know exactly how to engage people. They helped accumulate our thoughts and deliver them within a set timeline. When we were facing challenges to get people accustomed to using technology, and looking for innovative ways to deliver our services across departments, Stem helped us articulate a top-down approach plan”


– Neil Levecque
Vice-President, Analytics and Chief Data Officer for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

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