How well do you know your benefits plan?

Our assessment tool can help

A benefits plan is integral to the buildup of a compensation package. After all, it signals how invested are employers in the overall health and wellbeing of their employees, and therefore can be a significant differentiator for employers in attracting talent. 

From a plan member’s standpoint, understanding a benefits plan can be tricky which may hinder the utilization of what’s available to you. A few minutes to study your plan and using our assessment can aid in a better understanding of your plan and to know if you’re getting the most out of it. 

We at Stem Capital strongly believe in promoting responsible and informed consumption of benefits plans. By aiding plan members in ascertaining the specifics of their plan, we believe this awareness will prevent unwarranted consumption of benefits.

You will be presented with a series of questions aimed at gauging your understanding of your plan, followed by a report telling you how you did. The assessment may take 10 minutes to complete.

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