Your complete guide to building a Total Rewards program

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Looking to design a Total Rewards program? Read this first.

Consider “compensation and benefits” a thing of the past. Competition in business has made it difficult for organizations to differentiate themselves with higher wages and more benefits each year.

Today, businesses and prospective employees alike are looking towards Total Rewards, which encapsulates compensation and benefits in addition to personal and professional growth opportunities and a motivating work environment.


Execution Checklist

In order to deliver an effective and attractive Total Rewards program, an organization must take care to properly assess, design, execute, and evaluate each element of their program. 

This report takes you through each step of the process in detail: how to assemble a task force, conduct research, structure incentives, define and maintain an intentional work environment, and more. You’ll also learn which metrics can help you measure and improve the success of your Total Rewards program.