Stem is an extraordinary provider of health and wellness broking and consultancy services, both domestically and globally. Our knowledge and track-record of execution across the entire value chain gives us considerable leverage with the provider market. This ensures that our clients, regardless of size, receive leading-edge, cost-effective employee health solutions.

Our team of prominent healthcare consultants can provide impartial strategic advice on the full range of health-related topics, including private medical insurance, harmonized health management strategies, occupational health, health trusts, and other health and wellbeing benefits.

We place a strong emphasis on disciplined execution and independence to ensure that we deliver measurable impact. We deliver relevant benchmarking and competitive broking services.

Healthcare benefit services are part of our wider Benefits Solutions offering, which includes:

  • Private medical, health spending plan, dental & travel insurance, plan management, brokerage and consultancy
  • Wellness / preventative health consultancy
  • Healthcare trust feasibility, provider selection and inception
  • Trustee consultancy and plan management
  • Integrated health management solutions
  • Occupational health strategic consultancy and provider reviews
  • Health audits and strategy
  • Harmonization and integration services