Stem Capital is a professional advisory services firm that serves Individuals, Institutions and Boards.

We advise our clients in four main disciplines:

  1. Investments & Retirement
  2. Insurance & Risk Management
  3. Health & Benefits
  4. Talent

At Stem, we believe our instinct, culture and business model is markedly different with our only measurement of performance is the success of our clients. Our independence permits us the choice that we operate without conflict and focus on our clients and our talent. We are passionately and singularly committed to delivering measurable impact and ensuring that our interests are fully aligned with those of our clients. We take pride in our independence as we believe it allows us to remain focused on our clients’ chief priorities and clear of any conflicts. We have distinctive capabilities as it relates to the experience of our professionals and a defensible track record of execution. Establishing enduring relationships with reference ready clients is paramount to us.

We have grown organically and plan to continue on that journey. We will selectively pursue suitable acquisition opportunities that align with our culture and values. This includes demonstrable thought leadership and a track record of pioneering new approaches to solving client problems. We believe strongly in specialization. Our organizational structure and professional development processes are designed to develop world-class experts and help them succeed. Our understanding of our clients is deep and nuanced, and this expertise leads to solutions that have real impact on their success.